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Raising capital is challenge for all entrepreneurs. Not only must one run their business, but capital raising is a full-time job in itself. has been designed by Equity for Business Inc. to ease some of that burden for Wisconsin companies.  If you are a company that is organized under the laws of Wisconsin and are authorized to do business in the State, then crowdfunding through may make your capital raise easier.  Under recently enacted Wisconsin Statutes, Wisconsin companies can raise up to $1 million via a SEC-exempt intra-state offering in a twelve month period from Wisconsin investors that are neither accredited nor certified.  The limit increases to $2 million if you submit audited financials to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. (For more information, please refer to the statute 551.202(26), Wis. Stats.) This is for intra-state offerings exclusively.  Your offering or sale must meet the federal exemption requirements for intra-state offerings as detailed in Part 203.147 of the Securities Act of 1933.

Equity for Business, Inc. is a State of Wisconsin registered internet site operator that has designed as a crowdfunding portal exclusively for Wisconsin issuers and investors. provides a sales platform for you to sell your securities to potential Wisconsin investors. The use of this platform is available for a fee basis determined on the services provided, the size of your offering, and the length of your campaign. Equity for Business Inc. and are NOT registered broker dealer. There is NO commission on sales, nor is there any success fee tied to the placement of your securities. We do not sell or place your securities. We simply provide a marketplace for you to do so.

If easing the burden of a capital raise is of interest, read “For Entrepreneurs: How It Works”, our “For Entrepreneur FAQs” and review the rest of our web site, then fill out our Entrepreneur Registration form so that we can set a meeting to discuss your capital needs and how may address those needs.