How to Invest

For Investors: How To Invest posts offerings that are exclusively for investments from Wisconsin residents. If you are qualified to make such investments, then your first step will be to open a account. You will need to establish that you are a Wisconsin resident plus your investor class status. Both your residence and investor status will need to be verified before any investment is accepted by a Company making an offer. Once your Wisconsin residence is established, you will be allowed to view detailed information on Company offerings.

First. Open A Account

SignA account gives you access to review exciting investment opportunities offered by Wisconsin companies. Opening an account is easy. We ask for identifying information and a few simple questions. This is to establish who you are, your residency and your investor status. Once your account is opened, you can:

  • Search investment opportunities

  • Review detailed information on the Wisconsin opportunities that interest you

  • Invest in those opportunities

Second. Research Wisconsin Investment Opportunities

CreateThe opportunities on are offerings that have stated that they are qualified for the federal intra-state offering exemption plus have been registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (“WDFI”) for the crowdfunding exemption. Opportunities include start-ups that are in the first steps of raising funds, new businesses that have just started to generate revenue and growing businesses that need capital to expand. All of these businesses and their offers must conform to certain requirements:

  1. They may only be purchased by Wisconsin residents since they are an intra-state offering.

  2. Offerings can only come from businesses that are organized by the State and authorized to do business here.

  3. Although the total amount to be raised can be unlimited, the funds raised from investors that are neither accredited or certified is limited to $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 if audited financials are available.

  4. Investors that are not accredited or certified are limited to investing a maximum of $10,000 in a single offer.

Many of these companies are looking for a value-added investor base. They want an investor base that advocates for their brand, spreading the word about their product with retailers and other consumers.

If you find an offering of interest, review all the information that is posted for the opportunity. Most opportunities will have a business summary, a disclosure document, profiles on the management team, a description of the offering, and a full business plan detailing the use of funds raised plus financial projections. If you have questions, many of the businesses use a question and answer forum on the site. Make sure all your questions are answered before you commit.

Third.   Invest!

CreateIf after you have done your due diligence and spoken with your financial advisor(s) about the opportunity, how do you invest? It is fairly simply process:

Execute any required documents including a subscription or purchase agreement on line at

Follow the fund transfer instructions to send the amount of the purchase to the escrow account.

At this point you will have made a commitment to the Offering Company to purchase the offering’s securities. You will not have a completed purchase until that Company accepts your commitment. Acceptance will require the Company to verify that you are an adult Wisconsin resident and in fact have the investor status you claim. The offering also must meet a minimum funding level. Until that level is met all funds are held in an escrow account controlled by a third party.

Every offering must have an offering period in which to raise funds. Every offering must also have a minimum amount that needs to be raised during that offering period. An offering may or may not have a maximum amount as well. The escrowed funds are released to the Company once the minimum amount is raised. Until that time, the Company has no access to those funds. After the escrow release additional purchases are routed directly to the Company.

If the minimum amount is not raised during the offering period, you will be asked if you still wish to invest or if you want the escrow agent to return all of your funds.

Fourth.   Track Your Investment

CreateAs an investor in a Wisconsin crowdfunding offer, you will, at minimum, receive quarterly updates from YOUR Company by law. offers an investor relations communication (“IR”) platform for Companies. By posting its required quarterly report on the IR platform, a Company complies with the Wisconsin investor reporting requirements. The IR platform can also be used to communicate periodic revenue and Revenue Participation Note reports to investors. The IR platform also provides a continuing Q&A forum, if desired, plus the ability to post intermittent communications with investors such as special invitations, product announcements and other news to their investor base. You, as an investor, can take an active interest in your Company. Remember success requires more than dollars but loyal customers as well.

Equity For Business Inc. is a Wisconsin-registered internet site operator for the crowdfunding portal. By Wisconsin statute, Equity For Business Inc. maintains records of the offers and sales of securities through the, and may not offer investment advice, solicit purchases, or pay or receive compensation for the sale of securities. You MUST rely on your and your advisors’ due diligence regarding the suitability and risk of any offering posted by a Company on before making an investment. Neither Equity For Business Inc. nor are qualified nor permitted to provide any investment advice.